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Modular systems for any home and business

Essence provides security service providers worldwide with today’s most advanced professional security solutions. Smart Security, based on the proprietary EverGuard™ platform, goes beyond security with safety and monitoring capabilities. Remotely accessible by professionals and customers alike, it provides security providers with a reliable, cost-effective system and customers with the confidence that the people and places they value most are protected. It’s an opportunity for security providers to gain the competitive edge, drive growth and better their business, while they better their customers’ lives.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fits any home and business environment
  • Elegant design, modular and expandable (up to 64 wireless peripherals)
  • Proprietary highly efficient and reliable radio communication
  • Managed remotely with mobile/web apps
  • Video and 2-way audio verification
  • Remote management and maintenance

EverGuardTM Product Suite