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Care@HomeTM Enhanced Telecare Services Platform is An Aging-in-Place product suite that offers a seamless health monitoring experience allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.

Essence Care@HomeTM enables families to be confident that their dear ones are cared for, while end-users are enabled to maintain their independent lifestyle.

Care@HomeTM allows service providers the flexibility to offer their customers services ranging from emergency alerting to a professional intelligent home care solution, which constantly learns and adapts to the daily behavior of individuals and provides alerts with different severity levels based on deviation from the daily routine.

Seniors’ peace of mind whith high reliability

Care@HomeTM PERS by Essence is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) designed for the growing population of seniors that wish to “age at home”.

Utilizing both passive and active features, the system is also expandable with additional sensors such fire and leak detectors, allowing Service Providers to customize and scale their offering.

Enabling the family to actively care for their loved ones

Care@HomeTM Family brings customized care for your loved ones with an advanced interface that allows family members to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring.

This flexible solution enables family members to adapt monitoring parameters to the needs of the resident and can be used as a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

Professional intelligent home care solution

Care@HomeTM Pro provides personalized intelligent care for the elderly that allows them to age independently in their home.

The solution is a paradigm shift in elderly care by providing seamless monitoring through the use of advanced algorithms that analyze behavioral patterns and alerts family members and care providers when events occur that may signify a change in the elderly’s wellness.

Complete protection inside and outside

Care@HomeTM Active is a ground breaking mPERS solution that extends the existing Care@Home Aging-in-Place platform beyond the home to provide protection anywhere, allowing seniors to continue leading an active lifestyle.

The intelligent EP-Advanced Fall Detection panic device, worn by the resident while indoors, seamlessly changes to outdoor mode when the resident leaves their home by communicating with the user’s cellular phone.

Care@HomeTM Product Suite